2013: A Year To Remember - Part 1

Call me a procrastinator, or maybe just lazy. All the trendy New Years' posts happened two weeks ago, and the novelty has worn off a bit. Nevertheless, two weeks (almost) into 2014 still has me looking back to 2013 as one of the best years of my life. I did not say "the" best year because I can't pick a favorite; but it ranks up there!

This post is organized in chronological order.

February 2013: Trip to Nashville

Last February we wanted to take a vacation together without spending gobs of money. We were new to Memphis in 2012, so we thought it would be fun to travel to one of the nearest cities--Nashville. We learned a lot about Nashville on our trip--like it snows there in February! As you can see from the picture, we visited The Dave Ramsey Show and got to meet Dave. For you that don't know of Dave Ramsey, check out www.daveramsey.com.

From a historical sense, Nashville has a lot to offer. We visited the Grand Ole Opry and all the surrounding attractions. We're not really country music fans, but we can appreciate the history of the Opry and all the famous people that have passed through its doors.

We also learned where we would eat every time we visit Nashville--The Frothy Monkey (http://frothymonkey.com/). It's a small hipster-style coffee shop and restaurant, but everything we tasted there was amazing! Check it out if you are in Nashville.

March 2013: St. Patrick's Day in Memphis

I had no idea Memphis has so many Irish people in it. Another lesson in history. A lot has changed over the last 100 years, but apparently Irish were some of the first settlers of Memphis according to memphis.about.com.

"Memphis' first immigrants were of Irish and German descent and were responsible for much of the city's early growth. These immigrants opened businesses, built neighborhoods, and started churches."

For the record, I am mostly Irish and German, so moving to Memphis seems like destiny! I'm joking--a little. Memphis is a cool place to live. If you don't believe I'm Irish, check out this website.

April 2013: Home Depot

How is Home Depot a highlight? Turns out they have these "workshops" for kids throughout the year that expose children to different types of projects. This one was woodworking, and we built a bird house. I want my son to be as involved as possible in all my projects. I let him come into the garage when I change oil, and he helps me roll the garbage can to the street every week. It's the little things. (See also "Why I Love Being a Dad")

April 2013: Micah's 2nd Birthday

April was one of several trips we made to Alabama to visit family. Micah's party was small and awesome. You don't have to spend $500 and stress yourself out to have a great birthday party! Let's see what Micah enjoyed most...

Playing "Get You" - Favorite Game of All Time

Learning to Throw a Frisbee

Getting Tickled

Going Down Slides - Over and Over and Over...

His First Tricycle - To Be Used Almost Every Day!

Micah has taught me what you can learn from almost any child. It's not about the money, or the pomp. It's about enjoying the moment and being together. When I come home from work, he doesn't care how much money I made or the interest rate on my mortgage; he wants me to sit in a room with him and pay attention to whatever he's doing. He wants me to chase him and tackle him and wrestle with him. Yep, being a Dad is cool.

May 2013: Touch a Truck

Germantown, TN has a really cool event every year called "Touch a Truck". Dozens of trucks, cars, motorcycles, and other heavy machinery are gathered into an area for kids to get on, blast the horn, push the buttons, and yank the levers. Micah cried when we left. Here's a shot of us after a long day of getting in and out of trucks.

May is a great time to be in Memphis. The barrage of events that has become known as 'Memphis in May' will keep even the biggest party animals busy. We geared our search for family-friendly events and found plenty. One of the best events was the Sunset Symphony on the Mississippi River. AutoZone hosts a festival on the river and there was a fantastic air show that Micah (and maybe me) got really excited about!

June 2013: Summer Time

We didn't have any major events in June and July, but we still had a blast. Micah and I got the pool out and cooled off from the Memphis summer (which really was not that hot).

I will cover July - December in Part 2 of this post.


  1. Dan - I LOVE this! Super cute photos of all of you!

  2. Thanks Mary. I enjoy writing these--like a digital journal.