Dear Baby

Our family is expecting an addition in July 2014--a little bundle of boy. (See "Baby Waiting")

As we approach the delivery date, each day is a little more real and exciting. We are getting ready to meet someone that will likely (hopefully) know us for the rest of our lives, someone that we will see almost every day, and someone we will love deeper than most others.

But for a few moments I want to stop writing to you and start writing to him. Someday I hope he will read this.

Dear Son #2,

You have a name--I promise. Your Mom and I just haven't made it public (actually, see "Name That Baby") because we're not always the best decision makers. You'll get used to that I hope. We're not perfect, nor will we claim to be; but we are perfectly agreed about one thing--we want to meet you!

We have been praying that God would send you to us for almost two years. We asked God to bundle up as much joy as He could into a 5-8 pound carbon-based life form, and He chose you.

We have not met you yet, but we already know we love you. Your mother has been feeling your presence for some time , and just recently you punched and/or kicked my hand several times. I've enjoyed the exchange, and I hope we can keep it going once you've come out to the land of the air-breathers. There's no rush though! We want you to come when you're good and ready.

The truth is that we can't wait to see your face and hold your hand. You aren't completely formed, but you already have our hearts. We're not sure what talents you've been given, but we want to see all of them. 

We're getting your room ready and trying to organize everything for your arrival. We pray for you every day that you will stay healthy and keep growing like you're supposed to. 

There are lots of fun things for you to do when you come out. You have an older brother named Micah that will teach you how to talk and never be quiet. Actually, he'll probably teach you how to listen and never talk; but we'll work on that. 

We have fun toys for you to chew on and a pretty swag crib for you to sleep in. Your mom will teach you how to eat and perform all the activities that follow. I will teach you how to grunt, throw things, and say "Daddy"--the important stuff.

We love you before we know you, but we want to know you. Our love for you is not based on how many fingers you have, the pace of your development, or your performance in any thing you attempt. Our love for you precedes all that. 

We love you because you are our son/brother. 

With All Our Love,

Dad, Mom, and Micah

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