New Blog Name

For about five months this blog has been named "Dan In Real Life".

The name was chosen because, above all, I want to be genuine and straightforward in my writing--real. I thought the name communicated that fairly well.

However, there was a movie made several years ago with this title (and it's really funny FYI). That means Google searches (or any other type of searches) for my blog are completely saturated with references to this movie, its soundtrack, and movie reviews.

When I chose the name, I thought about that, but honestly didn't think it was that big of a deal. 

As usual, my wife was right in telling me my name choice was unwise (nice way of saying stupid). Here we are five months later with me admitting my wife was right.

That happens often.

I'm not the most creative fellow. I don't have money to fund a focus group, so I've chosen another name for the blog that I think suits my style--simple and relatively non-specific.

Why non-specific?

If you read my blog, you know it doesn't have a theme. I write about a variety of topics, and I don't want the title of the blog to be restrictive.

I hope you will follow the blog in spite of the name change.

The blog website is now at

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