Time to Act Like a Grown Up

Everyone matures at different times in their lives.

In my opinion, one of the greatest hallmarks of maturity is when a person begins concerning themselves more with other people than with themselves.

As a young man (14 - 22 years old), I thought mostly about me. I made decisions with me in mind. I considered the future that I could mold--for me. Why that was the case is outside the scope of this post, but you can read more in "My Story of Grace"

I'm not saying I was abnormally self-absorbed, but natural human immaturity specifies an attitude of selfishness. I was no exception.

My wife and I were married when I was 23. Things started changing. I was faced with the decision to keep thinking about me only or to start striving for the well-being of another person. And not only to care about her, but to actually put her well-being as a HIGHER priority than my own well-being--to put her best interests above mine.

Decisions like that are not one time decisions. They are daily decisions that progress over time. That's why maturity takes time.

At 27, I became a father. I became responsible for another human life--not only to consider his best interests, but to provide for his every need (see "Why I Love Being a Dad"). Several years have passed since then, and each year brings a deeper realization that my purpose is more about my family than about me and my desires.

This brings me to the point of my post.

At 29, I was given the wonderful news that we were expecting another child (we now know it will be a boy). For more on that, check out "Baby Waiting".

At 30, I decided it was time to start acting like a grown up-- something clicked in my mind. 

I began asking tough questions like, "What would my wife do if I died tomorrow?

These questions enter our minds, but are often brushed off. Why? Perhaps we rationalize it because the odds of dying so young are slim. Or perhaps we are too uncomfortable with the topic of our own death that we refuse to give it careful consideration. I'm not sure, but many people dismiss the question.

My wife quit her job in November 2013. We believed it was the best thing for our family (see "Not a Coincidence"); but it means my death would leave her with no income, two children, and bills.

This thought process is certainly not new, and that's why life insurance was invented. But life insurance doesn't do much good if you don't sign up for it! We recently set up a policy on me, and it costs less than I spend on coffee every month!

It's not much cost, but it provides so much peace of mind to know that my family will be taken care of if God calls me home early. Nobody is promised another day on this planet--not even people who go to church and love God.

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