We Need Good Leaders

Lack of good leadership creates lack of good leadership. It's true because good leaders make good leaders. 

If a person has not been exposed to good leadership in their life, it is unlikely they will become a good leader themselves.

But good leaders are out there--men and women that have taken up the reins, offered their skills for the betterment of others, and paved the way toward a brighter future. 

"Great Dan. We need leaders. Where do we find them?"

Look in the mirror.

"Dan, you don't know me. I'm not cut out to be a leader."

I disagree.

You might not have what it takes to be vice president of a large organization/corporation, but you can still lead. You might not have the skills for being a governor or senator, but you can still lead. Leadership is necessary in every corner of humanity. 

Why do we need good leaders?

Because humans ultimately learn their behaviors from watching other humans. Notice I said watching, not listening to.

We watch and imitate. If imitating a certain person or group of people allows us to obtain what we're looking for, we latch on to those behaviors. That's why kids join street gangs--they are given a leadership structure that provides them with security, a sense of belonging, and respect.

How can I become a better leader?

1) Acknowledge you are leading people.

A leader in denial is an ineffective leader. Denial starts with a person's refusal to recognize their influence on others. It might be their spouse, their children, their students, their friends, their Twitter followers, their Facebook friends, or their coworkers. 

2) Care about people.

Once you realize you are leading people (whether you like it or not), the next decision is what to do with your influence.

Will you use your influence to benefit yourself?

Or will you use it to benefit others?

You don't always need to choose, because good leadership can be beneficial to both you and others.

But there will be times when you will need to choose between the two. You will be faced with an opportunity to sacrifice. What will you do?

3) Learn.

If you've acknowledged your leadership role and decided to put the needs of others above your own, you're preparing to become a good leader. But what if you're ignorant? I didn't say stupid or foolish. I said ignorant. 

What if you don't really know how to make good decisions?

Throw in the towel. Give up. After all, you knew you weren't cut out for leading in the first place! The end.

Really? That quickly?

There may be times in your life when you are asked to lead when you feel inadequate. 

You feel inferior. 

You feel scared. 

You don't know what to do. 

You don't believe you have what it takes. 

Yet someone asks you to lead. What then?

In the Bible, several men were called by God to lead, and many of them had this problem. Moses and Gideon are probably the best known for this. Both were commanded to lead people for God, and both refused at the outset. They argued with God and told Him He had the wrong man. Let me be clear--they were wrong.

And if that's your excuse, you're wrong too. Take the role of leadership and then get busy learning about how to become a better leader. 

No leader has arrived at perfection. All good leaders are learning all the time. That's why they're good.

4) Be consistent.

Now you're in the big leagues. You admit you're leading people, and you care about them. You're willing to sacrifice for their good, and you're learning how to become better every day. Now what?

Now keep doing it--every day, day after day, forever.

Not easy.

Many leaders begin well and end poorly. They start out on the right track and lose their way. 

I think this is what happens to many politicians. They start on a platform that is respectable and dignified, but they sometimes end their leadership roles with shameful mistakes.

I'm not poking fun at these people. It's sad, and I'm not better than they are. I could fall just the same, but I will work hard not to.

I'm guessing most of you could think of at least one person in your life that was a leader and was not consistent. How did that make you feel? Angry, right? Frustrated?

There will always be some leaders that fail. But there will also be some that are holding strong. There will be those that are sacrificing and caring, and those men and women are the inspiration that will spark the fire in the next generation of leaders.


The world needs good leaders.

Will you sign up?

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