Moving Fast

Perhaps you've heard the phrase "Going nowhere fast." I'm not a fan of that--because nowhere isn't usually the best destination.

Then again, there are times in life when you need to kick it up a gear and get it done

I operate the majority of my life under the advice of "slow and steady." Don't over-do it. Don't burn out in a frenzy to accomplish the next thing and ruin your chances at accomplishing anything.


During those times of slow and steady, I think it's wise to be thinking what you will do and anticipating scenarios.

Let me use a sports analogy. Most people I know are not excited about watching baseball, but I love baseball. More correctly, I love playing baseball. 

Baseball is a lot like life--it can be boring at times. Slow. Not much happening. But that doesn't give you the right to let your mind wander. A baseball player must always be aware of the score, the number of outs, the pitch count, the runners on the bases, and many other details of the game.

If a player is not thinking about these details and mentally preparing for what might happen next, they will most likely make the wrong decision. Because when the ball is hit, it's fast. Really, really fast! The plays are bang-bang-bang.

The key is mental preparedness.

Where am I going with this?

My wife and I have been contemplating purchasing another vehicle for a few weeks. We looked but didn't find much that met all of our criteria. Since we were not under any pressure to buy, we backed off. We even got to the point where we had mostly given up.

We thought, "Maybe it's just not the right time."

But we were aware of the field. We knew the price ranges, the features we wanted, the type of person we wanted to buy from, etc. I'm not a fan of dealers or car payments, so we like dealing with private parties (some of them).

I came home last Friday with a car that I told her was "the one." I thought it was great. But the seller wasn't responding. Again, waiting. 

Standing in left field with nothing to do but stare at the grass.

Then somebody "hit the ball." The seller called us Saturday morning, and the ball was in play. Instead of being wishy-washy, we made a stop at the bank to pick up the cash for the vehicle. Yes, cash. Fast. Definite. Done deal.

Now we hadn't seen the car yet, but we had to drive an hour to see it; so we weren't about to pass up our chance to get it. This was "the one" we thought.

Sure enough--when we saw it, we wanted it. I made a good offer, and the guy said yes (via permission from his boss, aka wife). Then I said I wanted it right then. I wanted to drive it home. 

He looked at me and said, "Cash or check?"

Me: "Cash."

Him: "Dang, son." (not making that up)

I didn't get that cash at a title loan shop. See, we knew this day would come. We anticipated this play. And when the ball was hit, we knew what to do.

We drove that vehicle home three hours after sitting on the couch on Saturday morning and watching cartoons. 

You never know when the ball will be hit!

That evening we decided to list our "old" vehicle for sale. There's no sense in us keeping three vehicles. It went on Craigslist Saturday evening around 7:00 PM.

I had four people contact me with in 12 hours and the Camry sold (for cash) exactly 24 hours later (7 PM Sunday). The car was cleaned, prepared, and ready to sell. We saw this day coming.

I'm typically not the best at preparedness; but looking back on this weekend, I can appreciate how smoothly things went when we put in the energy to be ready for the fast moments.

Don't let the slow times lull you to sleep. 

Use them as prep times to get ready for the next play.

P.S. I certainly don't want to give the impression that we are savvy car people. In fact, we're novices. For that reason, we've been praying about a new vehicle ever since we started looking. I truly believe God worked this deal out, because the vehicle is EXACTLY what we wanted for much less than I ever thought we could get it for. So be reminded--God is awesome!

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