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If you're at all introspective, you ask yourself questions. Perhaps you probe your priorities and motivations to figure our what makes you tick.

I do this often, but it can be a foggy task at times. Why? Because our minds can trick themselves. My mind, for instance, knows what my priorities and motivations should be, and it's quite good at convincing me that I'm right on track. My mind says, "Relax, you're doing just fine."

But remember, this is the same mind that hates work and wants to slack off all day. This is the same mind that must be poked and prodded all day long to make it do what my will power tells it to do. My mind doesn't work without some push.

And your mind probably doesn't either.

So how can we know what really matters to us?

"Actions speak louder than words."

"If you're going to talk the talk, walk the walk."

We know what matters to us by what we do.

The answer is so simple that we often overlook it for some type of crystal ball answer that will be revealed to us in cloud formations. You don't need a psychic to figure out your deep-seated priorities and passions. 

You just need to keep track of how you actually spend your time.

Here's my point. 

No matter how much you talk, I don't care unless you show up to get it done.

Blah blah this, and blah blah that. 

Did you attend the meeting? 

Did you come to the show? 

Did you finish the project? 

Did you send the card?

Did you make the phone call? 

Did you go to that person's house to support them when they needed you?

You might think you're pretty good because you're well-acquainted with your good intentions; but unless you act on them, nobody else knows what your intentions are. In fact, they might assume you don't care. Are they right?

I hate being negative, but I have been discouraged in the recent past by an onslaught of vagrant behavior by people that are supposedly committed to something. 

They say one thing, but don't show up. 

They talk positive but don't back it up with where their body goes.

And please don't misunderstand. I'm not the standard holder here. I get mad at myself for this. If it's not important to me, I should get ahold of that and let people know. Be honest. Don't give lip service and then never follow through.

Don't say you'll call or show up and don't. Say you won't call or show up--then everyone will be happy if you decide to.

Don't deceive people into counting on you and let them down. The world is a better place without that.

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