What I Wish I Would Do Differently

Readers can get the wrong impression.

Of course, I'm not blaming the readers. It's the writer's job to communicate clearly--so boo me.

Here's the wrong impression they get. 

They read my posts about my opinions--about how I think things could be done better or more efficiently. Then they might assume that I am currently heeding all of my own advice.


I have a lot of good advice that I struggle to follow. I wish I could write with full confidence that I always live exactly like I should; but we all know would be a lie.

I work hard to live up to my words. In fact, one of the reasons I enjoy writing publicly is to make me accountable. I don't want to eat my words. They taste like sweaty socks.

This post is dedicated to clearing up the misconception. 

Here are the fifty-five things I wish I did differently:

1. Quit biting my fingernails (I'm doing it right now. Ugh.)

2. Quit getting angry when I'm driving.

3. Remember people's names.

4. Quit being so impatient (closely related to #2).

5. Quit being critical of people in my mind.

6. Help people tangibly instead of just praying for them.

7. Actually pray for people when I say I will.

8. Quit assuming problems are caused by other people and not me.

9. Be more friendly.

10. Spend more time considering other people's situations.

11. Quit being a "people-pleaser".

12. Quit compulsively dissecting every statement I hear.

13. Quit stressing about social blunders.

14. Listen more (implies talking less).

15. Quit concluding things before I hear the whole story.

16. Quit categorizing people.

17. Do more leading by example.

18. Value people for who they are rather than what they can do for me.

19. Quit asking God for things before thanking Him for what I already have.

20. Quit assuming I deserve what I have.

21. Quit assuming I deserve more than what I have now.

22. Quit comparing myself to other people.

23. Quit valuing myself by my accomplishments.

24. Quit valuing others by their accomplishments.

25. Quit stressing over gas prices.

26. Quit stressing about money in general.

27. Be more thoughtful in my gifts and cards.

28. Quit agreeing with people simply because they are influential.

29. Quit hoping politicians will save the day.

30. Take a few more risks.

31. Quit sharing my opinion when it wasn't asked for.

32. Ask people what their opinions are.

33. Quit being proud (of myself).

34. Be more genuine and less "what is expected" (boring).

35. Be more transparent about my faults (hence this post).

36. Quit mocking people.

37. Quit criticizing unless I intend to help fix the problem.

38. Know my role and stick to it.

39. Quit assuming I know how to do someone else's job better than they do.

40. Use less unwarranted harsh language.

41. Quit exaggerating.

42. Quit telling God how and when to do things.

43. Quit telling other people how and when to do things.

44. Figure out how and when I should do things.

45. Say more kind things to people.

46. Offer to help more often.

47. Help people when opportunities arise.

48. Quit drinking bad coffee in Styrofoam cups.

49. Quit interrupting my wife.

50. Quit trusting Wikipedia.

51. Curb my desire to throw my computer off the top of a thirty-eight story building and savor the moment of impact.

52. Eat more dark chocolate.

53. Quit generalizing.

54. Play more basketball.

55. Talk with people instead of talking at people.

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  1. First of all, I couldn't agree more about the Styrofoam cup thing. Gross. Second, I give you a HUGE kudos for (1) compiling this list, which takes a lot of introspection, and (2) sharing it with the public. Now we all know that you are criticizing and mocking us in your mind when you say you are going to pray for us, which you never really do. Thanks, dude. ;) Just kidding. You are a stand-up guy, and I know that you live up to a whole lot of what you say. None of us is perfect. Thank you for writing and challenging us all--yourself included--to live a life that is a better reflection of what God has in store for us. Oh, and that last gift you gave me? Crap. Total crap. ;)

  2. Thanks Lisa. Appreciate your interesting amalgamation of mockery, humor, and encouragement :) That's what friends are for, right. Glad you enjoyed the post.