Like a Good Neighbor

Yesterday we had the misfortune of our air conditioner going on strike. It was demanding new parts.

Most people aren't comfortable in their homes at 87 degrees Fahrenheit, and we are no exception.

And since we are humans adapted to air-conditioned buildings, to stay there would have equaled death.

I'm only teasing.

Thankfully the weather was abnormally moderate for July in Memphis. It could have been much worse.

And when it seemed like we were looking forward to a hot, sticky, uncomfortable night, something good happened.


Sometimes the most convenient people to get help from are those geographically closest to your house. Thus, we consider "neighbors" to be the people that live next door.

But according to the teachings of Jesus, anyone who goes out of their way to help or offer help is a "neighbor."

Like in many situations, this bummer situation was quickly brightened by several offers from "neighbors" for us to come over and cool off.

It's good to know that when life has bumps, neighbors have cushions.

After receiving a couple offers, we decided to sleep at someone's house across the street from us. We all piled into their spare bedroom and enjoyed the coolness. Everyone slept wonderfully in the 70-something degree air!

This is certainly not the first time we've received kindness from people, but I never want to become calloused to it. It's always a joy when people inconvenience themselves to help me and my family.

I appreciate it.

I want to be more like those people.

If we all acted more like neighbors, I'm sure the world could be a better place where we live.

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