Why I Believe God Exists

God is a serious topic.

What one believes or doesn't believe about God forms the core values they hold. It dictates the moral compass they follow. It influences philosophy, legislation, literature, art, science, and every other human endeavor. It shapes the human conscience.

For the non-religious, non-believers who may have come to this post, even your atheistic/agnostic opinions are based on the exclusion of God. So whether you believe in God or not, it's an important topic.

Sadly, many people in human history and still today have used 'God' as justification for their own aspirations, conquests, and sometimes heinous crimes.

I'm guessing you've met someone who acted like a jerk, abused people, and lived in the light of their own glory, only to justify their behavior with 'faith in God.'

It makes your stomach turn.

Running on the assumption that God is real and He has a stomach, it pushes Him to the verge of vomiting too.

So we have a world in which the 'alleged God,' should He exist, is poorly represented.

Very poorly represented.

For this reason, I spent several years of my life seriously questioning whether this 'God in Heaven' was legit. 

Or was He just an invention of the deranged imaginations of ancient civilizations?

Has this idea of a God just spread through the generations of humanity like an intangible, cerebral virus? 

Are we [Christians] just perpetuating a system of thought designed to control the subservient masses by infusing fear into their daily lives?

I'm a Christian, but I find it helpful to ask the tough questions--questions like I just mentioned. It's not enough to say I believe in God if I've never put Him to the test.

Isaiah 45:6 That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the LORD, and there is none else. [Emphasis added]

Over the past several months I've been reading though the Old Testament. I began underlining every time I saw a phrase similar to "that they may know that I am the LORD." 

The phrasing varies some, but I was astounded by the number of times this idea popped up.

It was as if God was trying very hard to show people He was real. He would send a message to a prophet about a future event and say to the hearers, "When you see this happen, you will know that I am God."

Again, the phrasing varies, but that's the idea.

I was born into a home that claimed Christian ideals. We celebrated Christmas and Easter, went to church regularly, and were taught about Jesus at an early age.

I am grateful for that upbringing; but everyone has questions. Somewhere along the way it needs to become personal. If it doesn't, it's all just a fairy tale written in a 250-year old version of the English language.

Is the Bible a fairy tale?

Sometimes it seems that way. The stories are so ludicrous. The characters are so extreme. The God is so powerful, so forceful, and yet sometimes so elusive, convoluted, and confusing.

As I said, I spent several years probing this God. It wasn't enough for me to just believe and follow a bunch of people that may or may not be smarter than me. They may or may not have good intentions. They may or may not be weirdos with a twisted ideology.

If there's anything I learned in my quest, it's that your faith (or lack thereof) in God should not be based on people! People change. People offend, disappoint, and self-indulge. In short, people kinda suck; and I'm no exception.

As I grew up, I traversed some paths that didn't overlap with the "Christian walk." I ventured into some places (literal and metaphorical) that were anything but virtuous. I wanted to see if God was really God--everywhere.

[Continued in Part 2]

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