Ten Things I Hated As a Kid That I Now Like

We must all grow up and grow old.

Some loath the thought of aging, but I try to view it as an enrichment process; like we're all cheese, or wine, or whatever else you might like that gets better with age. 

I like how old I am, but I look forward to my later years. I look back to my earlier years with laughter and a little regret; but mostly gratitude that I've been given the life I've had up to this point.

We all had childish ways of thinking (some of you may still have them, but that's not my business). We had childish habits and childish speech patterns.

Then we changed--slowly and steadily. We became big, bad grown ups.

As I thought about this, it humored me to think about some of the things that I strongly disliked growing up that I now find awesome. My, how things can change!

#1 Coffee

This most heavenly elixir was once on my nasty bad list; and now I am convinced it will be the drink of choice when we arrive in Heaven.

#2 Tomatoes

Many of my childhood food choices have held firm. I still hate onions and cabbage; but my palate has completely fallen in love with these red antioxidant-containing gems!

#3 Golf

As a kid/teenager/college student, I would joke about people who played golf as if they were all wearing incontinence diapers and/or using "male enhancement" pharmaceuticals. 

And now I think the game is great. I even watch it on TV--but that often leads to a nap. Either way, I've learned to enjoy watching and playing this game that I once thought was only for old people (or maybe I'm just old now).

(Note: I have ALWAYS loved mini golf.)

#4 Working on cars

My Dad would try to coerce me into the garage when I was a kid. He wanted to teach me how to work on the car. I would have none of it. It seemed so boring to me.

Now I look at my cars as puzzles. They are challenging and very expensive little puzzles that I like taking apart and putting back together. Yes, I actually enjoy changing my oil. Yep, weird.

#5 Spicy food

There was a time when plain and boring is what I wanted. Perhaps that's normal for kids.

Now I load on the hot sauce, jalapenos, and red pepper flakes whenever possible! So good.

#6 Adventure

As a child, I preferred controlled environments. As an example, I recall a trip that my parents and I took to Orlando, FL when I was 8 or 9 years old. They wanted to take me to all the exciting places--Disney World, Sea World, etc. I remember begging them to take me back to the hotel so I could swim in the pool and play baseball in the grass behind the hotel. I wanted familiarity.

As an adult, I still enjoy those simple pleasures. But I've become more of an adventurer. I like travelling to the unfamiliar and trying new things.

Life is more enjoyable if you venture out of your comfort zone now and then.

#7 Yard work

This was a chore as a kid.

I can't say it's my favorite thing in the world to do now, but I do enjoy getting outside and doing some manual labor. 

And who doesn't love the smell of fresh-cut grass?

#8 Road trips

The longest road trip I remember as a kid was about 3 hours. We would drive from the Twin Cities up to some resort in northern Minnesota. I hated it. It was torture.

Now I get really excited about road trips. I love packing up, planning the route, and enjoying the scenery along the way. 

I also enjoy the hundreds and hundreds of dollars we save by not flying to said destination.  

#9 Seafood

I once foolishly rejected any food that originated in water--except fish sticks. (Yuk!)

I still shy away from oysters and scallops, but otherwise seafood is something I really enjoy. Bring on the white fish, shrimp, crab, lobster, and calamari! (But no salmon please.)

(I recommend the Bang Bang Shrimp at The Bonefish Grill. Wow, it's amazing!)

#10 Sanitation

Like most kids, I wallowed around in filth and thought very little of pathogens that lurked on the surfaces of the world. So I suffered the consequences.

Now I enjoy being clean and making life very difficult for pathogens (you can never get rid of them all).

The rewards are obvious--less sickness and more happiness :) 

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