Five Responses to Social Media

Social media is quite the modern development.

Who knew fifteen years ago that websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram would be household names.

Things are certainly different now that we can share our thoughts, pictures, videos, and stupid opinions instantly to all who are willing to connect with us.

But I didn't write this post to tell you what you already know. So let's move on.

There seems to be several responses to this social media explosion.

#1 "It's free and fun. I will use it."

If I were to venture a guess (which I will), I think roughly 70% of the people I know or am acquainted with use social media--but to varying degrees. When you talk to these folks, they know what you've been posting, and have a good idea of how to post things themselves.

But at the core of this majority, there is a fundamental acceptance of social media as part of the fabric of the 21st century. It's a great technology to be used and enjoyed.

#2 "I don't have time for that. And/or I hate learning new things."

These folks have no animosity toward social media. They simply don't know much about it, and they have enough going on in their life to keep them busy. They don't need another time vacuum.

I can respect their position. While many might argue that social media is necessary for success these days, these folks seem to be doing just fine without it. They don't hate Facebook or despise Twitter, but they just don't have a need for them. 

Perhaps all their family and friends live in the same town as them.

#3 "Social what?"

For the extreme version of #2 people, I must recognize the people that live under rocks. And when they come out from under their rock, they put their head in the sand.

You may think these people don't exist, but they do. You just can't see them because they live under rocks.

#4 "I'm too cool for social media." 

Of all five groups, these people bug me the most.

They know about social media, they are competent enough to operate electronic devices, they could use social media to their advantage, but they would rather go around announcing to people that they are "above" the rudiments of social media.

They will tell you at least once or twice a week (or maybe per day) that, "Well, I don't have Facebook, so..."

Again, it's not their absence from social media that bothers me. That's fine (see #1).

The irritation is that they are proud of their absence from the social media world. It's their badge of honor.

They seem to think they are holding out on "drinking the Kool-Aid," thus they are the only sane ones left on the planet. 

Well, perhaps you are too cool for social media. And maybe I'm a moron for using it.

It's possible.

#5 "Social media is part of the new world order that I resist."

Where would we be without conspiracy theorists? No good movies, no good news stories, and nobody to populate the psych wards.

I'm kidding. 

I have entertained my fair share of conspiracy theories. My conclusion is that they are conspiracies because they lack the solid evidence necessary to make them fact. Of course, lack of evidence has never proven anything--except that there is not enough evidence.

Is Facebook going to take over the world? Are Google and Twitter going to bug your phone and listen to and watch every step you make? 

(Because you're just that important! Clearly the balance of power in the world rests with you and your daily habits.)

It's possible.

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