Why Autumn Is Awesome

They say you don't truly appreciate something until you don't have it anymore.

I agree with them (whoever "they" are).

When I was growing up, autumn colors were a normal thing. I thought nothing of it.

In fact, I mostly hated the fall season as a kid. It meant summer was over. It meant school was starting. It meant cold (and I mean COLD) weather was coming.

Then I moved South--off to the Gulf Coast.

Trust me, I loved the beaches. And I loved the warm weather.

But after several years I started missing the "four seasons."

Down there, two seasons existed:

1. Rainy and hot (aka Spring, Summer, Fall)

2. Rainy and cool/cold (aka Winter)

There were no Fall colors, and not much crisp, cool air to wake you up in the morning. Yes, the air cooled down some; but the humidity still hovered right around 90%.

Then we moved to Memphis.

Sure, it's not Vermont or New Hampshire. But we have Fall colors and cool air--so I've grown to appreciate those things.

It had to be taken away for me to realize how nice it was.

Here is my list of reasons why Autumn is awesome.

1. Fall colors

Tapestries of orange, red, and yellow hues cover the landscape. It's free art--the art of God.

2. Cool air

For you that think I'm reversing my hatred of cold, you're wrong. Cold (below 40 F) is still my arch nemesis.

But cool air (40 - 70 F) is nice. 

It makes coffee, tea, and cocoa taste that much better. 

It gives me an excuse to light things on fire (firewood, of course).

And it gives me a reason to wear clothing other than short-sleeved shirts.

3. Football

I can't explain why, but in the last two years or so I've really started liking football. I never really enjoyed it growing up, but one day it just clicked.

4. Holidays

No, I don't like Halloween, but I do like Thanksgiving and Christmas; and this time of year brings all the anticipation of those holidays.

But I still think it's ridiculous that Wal-Mart puts Christmas decor out in late September. Overzealous.

5. Food

For some reason, chili, homemade bread, cookies, and brownies taste better in the Fall. I can't explain it. They just do.


This is my list.

If you have reasons you love Autumn, please share them in the 'Comments' section. 

Now go outside and enjoy the weather!


  1. Apple and pumpkin picking and county fairs!

  2. Yes! Apples and pumpkins should definitely be on the list!