Enjoy Your Children!

It is a temptation for any parent to view their child or children as a liability--a task. Why?

Because they are tasks. They require work, and time, and getting dirty. It's not always enjoyable, right?

But then there are those moments that pay you back for all your turmoil. Those moments when your children spontaneously display their love for you, or tell you how much they want you to be with them.

It's priceless.

Today, as I left for work, my 3-year old son squeezed my leg as I tried to walk away. He begged me to stay home from work and "sit with him." I don't need to perform anything, or jump through any hoops (though I'm sure he'd like that too). He just wanted me to stay.

In those moments, it's easy to treat him like a nuisance that is hindering me from getting to work.

Yet, I've tried to cherish those moments. I didn't stay home with him, but I did spend an extra minute or two with him--hugged him, gave him a kiss, and told him I loved him.

It doesn't take much to pause and enjoy our children. They will only be this age for a very short time. They will only cling to your legs for a few years. Then they'll grow up. They won't need you or want you quite the same way ever again.

Enjoy it.

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