Adding a Twist

As a random thought for the day, let me share with you a recent commercial I heard on the radio.

I don't often pay attention to radio commercials, but this particular one stuck in my head because of the unique creativity--or stupidity. You can decide.

It was for a beauty product line--hair care, makeup, etc.

They said: "Our products are so exclusive that even Hollywood celebrities haven't been able to use them!"

I'm not kidding.

It really was a wonderfully optimistic twist on the truth, wasn't it?

But it's true--Hollywood stars had not been graced with the pleasure of using their products.

Did the celebrities want to use their product?

Well, let's not get confused with relevant questions.

I think we're all aware of what I'm about to say, but it's healthy to have a reminder now and then.

Just because something is true, doesn't mean it's not misleading (yes, I'm aware of the double negative).

Lawyers, politicians, and marketers work hard to master this skill of honestly misleading people, but it is the job of every citizen and consumer to use our brains and analyze slogans and sales pitches.

Then I realized that my blog is super exclusive!

Seriously, even the biggest and best writers in the world have not been able to read my blog! You and the other folks that venture to are in an elite club!

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