Forging Resilience

We've all been let down; disappointed; discouraged.

We've all struggled.

Perhaps your struggles up to now have been relatively minor. Or perhaps you've endured several lifetimes of turmoil in just a few years. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum (because most of us are somewhere in between), you have a choice of how to respond.

Press on?

Or quit?

As children, we all have a natural tendency to quit when something becomes difficult. Children must be taught to push through the unpleasant to attain a reward that is worthy of the effort and struggle. It's a skill. Yes! Pushing forward in the face of difficulty is a skill.

As a skill, it's something people can exercise and practice in order to get better at it.

Now I'm no exception. I've made my fair share of excuses! We all have them.

But then there's resilience.




Nobody has promised (nor should they) that your life will flow like the gentle stream of a Thomas Kinkade painting. 

There are no exceptions for you, whether you're good, bad, pretty, ugly, nice, mean, rich, poor, friendly, grumpy, religious, non-religious, etc.

You live on Earth, and life on Earth is hard sometimes.

I'm not a gloomy person, and this post is intended to be the opposite of negative; so don't leave yet because you think I'm down on life.

No, I'm really excited about life.

In fact, I'm so excited about it that I'm completely unwilling to let bumps and bruises get me off track.

There's too much good to pursue.

Too many wonders to see.

Too many accomplishments to achieve.

Too many novelties to learn about.

And if I quit now, I forfeit my chance to enjoy it.

As 2015 began, I had big aspirations and a well-organized list of goals  and dreams. I was ready to blaze a trail--flame thrower in hand.

Then what?

Then smooth sailing and fair winds?

Before I go on, let me be very clear. I am not complaining, nor am I saying that I have it any worse than you. I probably don't. I come across people regularly that are far more resilient than I. They deal with much harsher and more brutal circumstances, yet they stand firm. 

So what I'm about to say is not, "Poor me."

I'm saying, "Keep going."

No, 2015 has not jumped off to an ideal start.

We had financial goals. January 2015 alone has conjured up roughly $3,500 in unanticipated expenses.

We had goals for physical activity. January 2015 has seen at least one member of our family sick for the entire month.

We had productivity goals. And it seems like everything has broken lately, including electronics, computers, vehicles, and even online orders.

It's like someone is throwing monkey wrenches in all the gears.

So what then?

Throw up our hands and scream obscenities?

Kick the gears?

Sit in the corner and pout?

Blame someone?

Or, find the wrenches and remove them--one by one.

Wait out the discomfort and focus on the goals.

Pay the bills and start with a fresh plan.

Clinch your teeth a little. Find some grit.

If you're tired, wake up anyway.

If you're frustrated, go anyway.

There are too many quitters--too many people signing up and not attending.

Too many people staying home when they should be out, sleeping when they should be working, whining when they should be problem-solving, and pitying themselves when they should be ecstatic about their current position in life.

You might be better off or worse off than me, but that's not the point.

The point is: Forge some resilience.

Use your bumps and bruises to build a bigger, badder, better volition to live.

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