A large portion of this site is devoted to Christian principles and the understanding of who God is.

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To be clear, I am a Christian before I am anything else. It is not a hobby or an addition. It's not an accent or a badge to display on my self-orchestrated life. No, it's far more.

But I'm not here to write a statement of faith or convince you I am such a great Christian. Why? Because I'm not. 

I am a struggling Christian that gets confused and frustrated. I mess up and say dumb stuff. 

If you want to know about the quality of my Christianity, I suppose you will need to meet me and decide for yourself.

As for this site, I share what I learn as a Christian. I have experienced God's grace and mercy (see "My Story of Grace"). And as one of His children, I am compelled and excited about telling others what He has done and is doing.

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