I have had the privilege of crossing paths with many wonderful people in my life; and I've also had opportunities to be a part of great organizations. 

This page is devoted to the people and places that I stand behind and recommend. They are not compensating me. 


First Baptist Church - Rosemount, MN

Calvary Baptist Church - Fort Walton Beach, FL

Charity Baptist Church - Pensacola, FL

Lighthouse Baptist Church - Theodore, AL

Easthill Baptist Church - Bartlett, TN
Tabernacle Baptist Church - Wilson, NC


Dave Ramsey (Financial Peace University)

Jon Acuff (Stuff Christians Like)

Lauren DeMoss (The Full Time Girl)

Kristen Schmucker

Kathleen Clipper (Photography)
(Responsible for many of the wonderful pictures on this site)

Jennie Tewell (Photography)
Rachel Dawn (Photography)
Dan Stombaugh (The Man and the Wall)


Evangelist Adrian Burden

Missionaries Josh and Rebecca Florence

Missionaries Sam and Holly Bunnell

The Church Law Institute

Matt Baker Music (Facebook Page)

The Pure Truth Conference

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