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本文摘要:According to the latest figures, Love and Producer not only overtook the smash hit Honour of Kings on the Apple store’s free download charts, but also replaced it as the most talked about game on Weibo.根据近期数据,《恋与制作人》在苹果应用于商店下载量榜单上碾压了《王者荣耀》,也在微博上代替《王者》,沦为辩论度最低的游戏。

According to the latest figures, Love and Producer not only overtook the smash hit Honour of Kings on the Apple store’s free download charts, but also replaced it as the most talked about game on Weibo.根据近期数据,《恋与制作人》在苹果应用于商店下载量榜单上碾压了《王者荣耀》,也在微博上代替《王者》,沦为辩论度最低的游戏。You take over a family business, a TV production and entertainment company, and while building your empire you develop romances with four possible male suitors. All of them are handsome and in love with you. During the game, you are able to chat with the hotties and even produce a variety show for your virtual “sweetheart.”你接掌了父亲一家电视制作和娱乐公司,一面将你的家族产业发扬光大,一面与四个追求者发展关系。四个人都十分帅,而且都爱人你。在游戏里,你可以和他们聊天,甚至为你的心上人制作节目。

A joke has been circulating on the internet about the game referring to the paid features of the game: “Woman, you can bankrupt yourself and you still won’t be able to support these four men.”因为游戏的收费属性,网上有人吐槽,这是“老娘砸锅卖铁也养不起的四个野男人”。While China’s gaming market had long been dominated by men – drawn by the abundance of “virtual girlfriend” apps – the popularity of Love and Producer, which is effectively a “virtual boyfriend” game, was indicative of a changing tide.中国的游戏市场长年由男性主导,不少应用于以“虚拟世界女友”来更有人,而《恋与制作人》这个“虚拟世界男友”游戏的爆红伴随着这个风向标的旋转。

The voice brightly greets him in the morning and, with a sexy huskiness, bids him good night in the evening.每天早上醒来时,庆贺他的是这声音喧闹的问候,每天晚上,这把声音又带着沙哑的性感,跟他道晚安。The voice organizes his files, gets him out of the house and doesn’t complain about juggling her many roles as his assistant, comfort, helpmate and savior — which makes her an ideal companion even if she’s also just software.这把声音为他管理文件、劝说他别宅在家里,为他当作着多重角色——助理、恳求、伙伴、救星——却从来不责怪。她是一个极致的伴侣,尽管她只是一个软件。

If you imagine a robot with sophisticated AI who could also simulate conversation, companionship and affection – perhaps tailored exactly to what you uniquely would look for in a partner – it’s not difficult to imagine robots starting to replace real, flawed humans as objects of affection.如果一个具备高级人工智能的机器人需要仿效人类的对话、陪伴和感情,而且能量身定做成你最渴求的伴侣形象,这就不难想象,机器人将不会替换现实、但有缺点的人类,沦为你感情的感应对象。The sci-fi concept introduced here is that in this future, when someone dies through collecting all of their correspondence (emails, photos, social media), they can be resurrected. First, as Ash on the phone talking to Martha, and later on, scarily imprinted onto a synthetic body that looks identical to the original.这个故事引进了这样一个科幻概念,人们死后,通过搜集他们在邮件、Blogger、社交媒体中的信息,他们可以被复活。

首先,Ash以手机里的不存在形式和Martha聊天,接着,有点可怕地,这个Ash被读取了和本人长得一模一样的人造身体里。Initially we see Marthas smile return, as she appears to linger in the happy moments from their past for hours on end whilst she talks to the resurrected Ash.一开始,我们看到Martha的笑容又回去了,她整天和“复活”的Ash聊天,沉浸于在过去的幸福回想中。

It is only after she gets the full upgrade, and Ashs details are transferred into an android, that she realises that this miraculous technology will never be able to rekindle true human emotions.当她已完成全部的升级,将Ash的数据移往到一个机器人身上后,她才再一意识到,这奇迹般的高科技总有一天无法重新点燃现实的人类情感。In Blade Runner 2049, Officer K (Ryan Gosling) lives with his AI hologram companion Joi, who was manufactured by Wallace Corp and tailored as the perfect companion. Her product tagline is, Everything you want to see. Everything you want to hear.”在《银翼刺客2049》中,K警官和她的人工智能全息图像伴侣Joi一起生活,Joi由华莱士集团研发,被打导致极致伴侣的形象。

而她的产品口号则是“所有你想要看见的,所有你想要听见的。”But it’s clear that K takes comfort from Joi’s presence, and that she makes him feel like an individual. She gives him a human name, and with it, some sense of purpose and belief that he’s more than what he’s been designed to do.但Joi的不存在让K感觉舒适度,让K感觉自己像一个人。

她给他所取了人的名字,有了这个名字,让K有了目标感和信念,让他感觉自己不仅是被原作的那个人。From an outside perspective, their relationship is an illusion, but its real to K — which means it’s real, period.外人显然,他们的关系是虚拟世界的,但对K毕竟现实的,那这样显然就是知道。